Paul Mercier

Actor ✧

Voice Over

Performance Coach

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I'm a classically trained actor with a long career in Hollywood.


From My Studio I distribute recorded broadcast ready voice over tracks.


As a Performance Coach, I teach you the tools you need as a professional

to be clear, confident, heard and understood.


 With Rich Corinthian Audio, I work with a team to create audio & video content for multimedia.


What shall we do together?


Paul Mercier, a classically trained actor, is a globally recognized long form narrator and vocal performer. Listen to Voice Over Demos



My work coaching business professionals in communication skills as well as inspiring kids as a Teaching Artist led me to develop VOICEWORKOUTS for everyone with a voice.



Corporate Explainers, Sizzles, Audio Visual Production Sound Design Audio Landscapes Sonic Narratives, Voice Over Demos

And for large scale production -  Hey, I know some people...


Paul Mercier

Actor ✧ Voice Over ✧  Performance Coach