Paul Mercier

Actor ✧

Voice Over

Performance Coach

I help people generate personal creative expression by teaching the skills to free their voice.

Clear Honest Direct










As Business Communicators you want to have a clear, strong affable demeanor.

Without demeaning your most valuable assets (humans).


We demand our leaders to be confident clear speakers.


To become a leader you need to develop a strong, clear voice .



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As your Business Communicator Performance Coach, we will work together to:


 Discover and fully realize your strengths.


Establish and manifest your career goals.


Increase your personal impact.


 Manage your levels of confidence.


Develop a strong presence


so you can deliver your best with ease every day.





Workshops and Private Coaching are available at my studio or at your place of business.

Paul Mercier

Actor ✧ Voice Over ✧  Performance Coach