Paul Mercier

Actor ✧

Voice Over

Performance Coach

I help people generate personal creative expression by teaching the skills to free their voice.

Level I

Begin Within

Level II

for the more experienced

Level III

Professional Speakers

You may already know that public speaking is feared more than death. You don't need to hear about that again.

It certainly doesn't put you at ease. It even makes the thoughts about speaking to anyone worse. You've even been told- "just get over it!"


It doesn't even matter that fear of public speaking is quite commonly shared by humans everywhere.


However, you also know that in order to advance in your career and even in your personal life you need to be clear, confident and courageous.


I help you find the strength within yourself to connect with your audience.  Whether speaking to individuals or groups you can be heard and understood with the clarity of thought and commitment to intention that commands the attention and trust you rightfully deserve. You will easily develop the skills to be successful. Tap into your deepest need to communicate.


There are some enlightened leaders that will not make a decision until they've heard from everyone in the room.


How will you speak when it's your turn?

Whether you're asked to raise a glass or ask for a raise,

deliver a killer presentation to score an account,

make it clear to the judge and jury


or motivate your constituents to turn out and vote,


practicing what you say doesn't always make it perfect.

It may only reinforce an idea that you don't want to get up and speak in the first place.


That sounds more like misery and makes some people just put off preparation and cram all night long the day before. But you get through it, again.


Working with me will unlock the stress, free the voice and allow you to access at your will the untapped wellspring of energy and presence that you've only noticed in charismatic speakers and thought unimaginable for yourself.


Disable the corporate jargon you think they want to hear and learn to structure compelling narratives that express your authentic purpose.



You seem to thrive in the public eye. You know your stuff. You are confident that you will be well received yet you want more.


There's a nagging belief that you could do better. There is something more, a persuasive power unrealized.


I help you elevate your delivery with exercises and techniques that will not only leave your crowd wanting more, you will know how to focus and direct their undivided attention for a life changing experience.

Paul Mercier

Actor ✧ Voice Over ✧  Performance Coach