I imagine a world where people are able to use their voice freely

Encouraged to express themselves clearly

Developing what’s great about each other.


Paul Mercier

Actor ✧

Voice Over

Performance Coach

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I believe by sharing my vocal training skills and professional experience I help anyone who uses their voice to be clear, confident, heard and understood.


I do this is by teaching VoiceWorkouts which develops breath support, capacity, resilience and endurance for using your voice to the fullest even in today’s extreme working environments. Thereby giving you the freedom to deliver without fear or worry of losing your voice.


Workshops and Private Coaching are available at my studio or at your place of business.

Begin under the 'hood'.


My passion involves bringing written words to life. What fascinates me is what goes on “under the hood” – subconsciously – all the stuff we never really have to be aware of because it usually just works. How the intricate coordination of thought, laced with emotion, sparks a breath and before we know it the articulation muscles of the palate, tongue, jaw and lips are expressing our desires ideas and goals. Truly physiological wonders if you think about how fast it all happens!


Have a look at brain scans and slow motion video of vocal chords working – Good thing we don’t have to think about it much! Then, on top of all that, each consonant, vowel and gesture we use to make a point comes loaded with all kinds of individual personal variables we may be stewing underneath that aforementioned ‘hood’.




That’s where the fun begins.


If you use your voice professionally or even just like to talk a lot, you may have noticed that sometimes ya go “hoarse”.   A little excitement, lack of hydration, lack of sleep and stress are among the leading causes of laryngitis.


Maybe you think it comes with the territory  because you started a new job or project or maybe a little nervous going into that presentation but nothing to worry about because it goes away, right?


I’m sure we are all concerned about the long-term effects of chronic stress on our bodies– illness, disease, etc. We won’t go into detail here.

 What about our voices?


Laryngitis is actually your voice telling you something’s wrong. Maybe it is temporary if you were at a game or out with friends the night before. However, speaking under the stress humans experience at work can make us vulnerable to early vocal fatigue and even long term physical vocal chord injury.


The problem is we are probably unaware of it!  (what goes on under the hood)


When combined with speaking at length to certain people, in meetings or on extensive phone calls – delivering stand up presentations or training, litigating and making arguments, teaching in classrooms; and for actors - yelling, shouting, screaming, dying – you could be severely limiting or even ending your career unless you take action.


Professional benefits.


Public Speakers, Presenters, Teachers, Trainers, anyone in Sales; Supervisors, Foremen, Managers, Executives, Directors, Actors – anyone who needs powerful, sustainable and clear vocal delivery comes to me to learn how breath support, freedom from muscle tension and agile articulation work together to give them the confidence to boost their career and even save them from injury.


As a classically trained actor, I’ve developed solid technique for breath, strength and stamina so I can maintain high levels of vocalization for long periods of time. My background with the icons of human vocal production: Kristen Linklater, Cicely Berry and Patsy Rodenburg has well equipped me to evaluate, deliver and teach what makes the human voice powerful and naturally resilient.


Paul Mercier

Actor ✧ Voice Over ✧  Performance Coach

imagine a world where people are able to use their voice freely

ncouraged to express themselves clearly

eveloping what’s great about each other.